We think a holiday should be as special as you - which is why luxury breaks with Eden really break the mould.

At the heart of making every second of your stay count is our 25/7 service. Which is just our way of saying we're on call every minute, of every day.  It doesn't matter where you are, because we're always here to help.

At the helm of this unique service are our Travel Directors - they're a pretty special bunch, even if we do say so ourselves. Not only do they know a thing or three about the places you want to go to, but they'll get to know the little things that really matter to you - and it's those things that can really make a holiday extraordinary.

Add to that the rest of our team - where each member is selected for their specialist knowledge - and you can rest assured that your dream escape is in the very best possible hands.

It's just one of the things that makes Eden, Eden -and your holiday, your holiday.

Paul Beacall

Paul Beacall

Managing Director